Sheila Frost


Sheila has remained steadfast in her pursuit of a career in the creative arena, even though she spent more than two decades in the technology industry, where she held various business roles. Her ideal space is creative & digital marketing, offering tech and business savvy advice.

In 2015 she ventured into the arts, Sheila has engaged in a variety of enriching experiences. She has been a student at renowned institutions like the Toronto School of Art and OCAD, where she has learned from exceptional instructors. Additionally, she has actively participated in local art communities, with inspiring mentors and a supportive, lively artistic community, which, for her, guarantees an enjoyable creative experience. Sheila’s creative pursuits encompass a diverse range of art mediums, including watercolor and acrylics, and extend to drawing and various forms of creative expression. Her artwork is distinguished by its vibrant and tactile qualities, with layers of paint that engage the senses. She also designs digitally, on the marketing side her favourite tool is Canva.

Sheila is uniquely positioned with both technical and creative skills. So Gallery Frost Marketing was then born to offer Marketing & Project Planning services.. Sheila seamlessly blends her professional expertise with her passion for the arts. She has become an adept professional who provides businesses & creatives with valuable guidance and offers clients the opportunity to discover modern marketing & automation tools. Sheila also has enriched communities and schools by delivering art demonstrations, fostering creativity in individuals of all ages with creative coaching and mentoring. Sheila’s blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences assist others for their career direction.

Currently, Sheila is working on several projects and aspires to collaborate and bring her vision to reality through life changing endeavors.