Sheila Frost

Sheila has maintained her dream of working in the arts industry, even while she devoted over 20 years to the Technology industry where she worked at various business roles.

Her new journey into the arts, so far, has included learning from amazing instructors at the Toronto School of Art, OCAD, local galleries including the “Just do It” group at Gerrard Art Space. “It is my time with an inspiring instructor, a fun group & guarantees me to paint”.

Sheila enjoys painting in both watercolour and acrylics in various forms, while also exploring other media such as drawing and just being creative using whatever she can get her hands on. Sheila’s art is rich in colour and inspiring even to the touch with layers of paint.

She is now mixing business with pleasure so to speak in her next move in life (while balancing motherhood and family life!). Sheila is now an experienced professional who supports artists by providing business advice and offers clients’ artwork from emerging & established artists. She also offers art demonstrations to communities and schools enhancing creativity in all of us. Sheila has an amazingly good eye to detail and understands how art can be displayed in any space whether it is at home, away from home, commercial business or in exhibitions. “Every Art Piece belongs to a home and every wall belongs to an Art Piece!”

She is currently working on a few projects and series of work for her next initiatives and hopes to link these with established Toronto Artists and exhibits.